About the Farm

Spring Creek Farm sits on 125 acres of rolling pasture on the corner of Meetinghouse and Aquetong Roads in Solebury Township.  The farm employs regenerative agriculture to enrich the soil and surrounding habitats naturally using crop and livestock rotation, cover crops, compost, and minimal tillage, restoring and preserving the soil and eliminating chemical insecticides, fertilizers, and fungicides.  The farm is a demonstration of local economic and global environmental sustainability using natural spring water from the ancient onsite spring (Aquetong means ‘spring in the bush’ in Lenape) and electric power from the newly installed solar system.   Landowner Brent Alderfer is a founder/owner of sister Sandbrook Meadow Farm in Stockton, NJ which operates a 400 member CSA supplying fresh food in Hunterdon County across the river for the past 9 years.  Brent is committed to building an economically and environmentally sustainable agriculture model that restores farmland and serves the community with locally grown farm fresh food that tastes better, builds better health, and preserves our natural beauty and resources for generations to come.

Our farm fresh products


Vegetable CSA

We produce organically grown produce that is fresh, healthy, and tasty because it is grown in nutrient rich soil.  Available  through our CSA.


Grass Fed Beef

We're now offering the first of our 100% grass fed beef.  Our beef cattle are raised entirely here on the farm living naturally, grazing on grass and hay.


Certified Organic Eggs

We offer USDA Certified Organic eggs from pastured raised hens.  Our hens live naturally on the farm, range freely and feed on organic feed.